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Real Estate Properties in India

Tremendous growth in IT sector, which has now given rise to the need for creating better infrastructural facilities and services.

The rise in income and demand for better standards of living among the people have created need for more real estate development, which is modern and gives improved facilities.

The globalization of the Indian Economy, and 100% FDI investment approval by the government of India has seen many global players come here and create need based spaces for the growth of Real estate in a big way.

The NRI involvement is also a very important factor in contributing to the growth of this realty sector. Their investments in Indian properties have meant more pouring in of money and resources to create real estate facilities that are at par with the developed economies of the world.

The rising population levels and influx of more and more rural population into big cities is also a major cause for growth in this sector. Lack of living space in cities is prompting builders and real estate developers to create more spaces for living in the smaller cities to cope up with the demand supply gap, consequently promoting the overall development in the sector.


The entry of many big players from the overseas markets has been one of the major reasons behind the phenomenal growth of this segment and its high value of appreciation in the market.

The major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Gurgaon etc. have seen tremendous growth in the real estate sector, due to coming up of Spanking malls, commercial establishments and residential apartments.

It would not be false to say that Real Estate has produced the highest return on investment (ROI) than any other option present in the market. And with the advent of online marketing in Real Estate; the business prospects look even brighter in the sector, with higher rate of returns to accrue in the times to come for the investors.