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Overseas Property Investment Services India

The overseas advisory services at LAND GURU are simply he other way round in contrast to the NRI services provided by the company. These advisory services are for those investment queries, which are looked in territories outside India. Using its’ extensive network of well-informed and highly influential real estate agents spread through the length and breadth of the entire globe, LAND GURU is able to offer the most market specific advice on investments to its clients in terms of market trends, prime properties located in the specified area, local market trends and future indicators of demand and supply in the area, the right time to buy a property, and the time to hold it back till he arrival of the favorable moment etc.

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Just like India, which is a growing economy, passing through a transition phase of development, there are other countries of the world as well, which are experiencing a similar boom in Real Estate sector. Countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina and other third world countries are attracting huge foreign direct investment due to the opening of realty sector. With LAND GURU’s advisory on overseas investment, the Indian investors can now explore new avenues of investments in Real Estate and can hugely benefit from LAND GURU’s expert market advice.