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Thanks to the years of hard work, diligence, perseverance and alacrity sustained through this journey, LAND GURU Consultants have now reached a trusted league of real estate services providers in India as well as abroad. The impressive list of LAND GURU’s esteemed clients have always had reasons to be happy as they have continued to enjoy the sweet fruits of LAND GURU’s continuous labor aimed at not just meeting the client’s requirements but exceeding them with it’s exceptional service leads. Such is the kind of the level of commitment that LAND GURU Consultants are known to practice, which can be clearly seen in the past service assignments handled by LAND GURU.
Tailored Solutions
Global Perspective
Independent Approach
Excellent Track Record
World-Wide Network
All Services Under One Roof
Rich Knowledge Base
Strong Business Ethics

LAND GURU Consultants have kept abreast of market changes and expanded its expertise to include the entire gamut of realty sector in its services, including building and development, engineering & design, real estate consulting, project management and co-ordination, property buying, selling, leasing and rental services as well. LAND GURU Consultants have always strived to be at par with nothing but the best, and in the quest of doing it, have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the jigsaw world of real estate transactions. Hiring LAND GURU Consultants means that you are hiring the best in the business, which will only stop at nothing but the best for you…In the following pages we will take a look at the finer points that add a touch of exclusivity to LAND GURU’s services and give a lot for its clients to rejoice