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Real Estate in India

The current real estate scenario in the world and especially in the developing economies is touching new heights of success each passing year. Accelerated by the opening up of the world economy, it is experiencing a phenomenal growth pattern in developing nations. The Indian picture is also looking bright and promising as more and more FDI is flowing in each year, and opening new areas of realty development. The Government of India’s initiative to allow 100% FDI in this sector in year 2002 has opened up numerous doors of possibilities, which is fast spurring investment in the vital infrastructure sector.


In fact, the turnaround has been so fast, that now as per the current industry figures, India is placed as the 3rd  most favored nation in terms of capital appreciation factor in real estate investments, with only US and China ahead of it. The booming trend in the Indian economy has seen it attract direct foreign investment of nearly US$ 8 billion during the first half of 2005-06; as against US$ 3 billion during the previous year corresponding period of 2004-05, placing India as the most favored countries for FDI in Asia and the Pacific.


The real estate industry in the world is currently estimated at nearly $12 billion; and growing at a healthy rate of 30%, particularly in Class B & Class C Cities. This realty market is further expected to reach $90b in the following decade. Looking in the context of the prevailing real estate scenario, the demand for sound real estate management services is definitely poised to go higher. With coming up of new technologies and new markets, the demands for better real estate solutions will also keep on rising, seeking solutions that maximum returns for the investors. The markets in the developing economies of the world are going to benefit the most with this rise in demand, as they will provide the most room for further growth in terms of better realty creation for growing businesses across the globe.